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April 17, 2015

The big Box caught my eye as I cruised past.  My head swiveled of its own accord and I drew up short, suddenly thankful that I was following my husband instead of leading him.  Had I been in the lead, he would most surely have rear-ended me and we would have tumbled to the floor and landed in a heap, perhaps requiring medical attention ourselves.

Jim and I stood side by side, our mouths agape as we stared in disbelief at the white metal Box.

It was a vending machine alright, that much was certain;  and a very large one at that…

It dispensed prescription medication.  Yes, it dispensed prescription medication.  In my mind, there is something VERY wrong with that concept!

Below is a side view pic of the Mechanized Pharmacist.  Around its front sat several people anxiously awaiting news of their loved ones (hence the side-view of the Box).


Those folks were staring at the Box, too.

The Pharmacist In The Box boasted that it accepted most major credit cards and once you punched in the proper code, found on your discharge paperwork, it would spit out your drugs in the proper dosage and quantity, of course.

Call me old-fashioned.  Call me a fuddy-duddy.  Call me a stick-in-the-mud.  Just don’t make me buy medication from a vending machine.  Not even one dose!  A person can’t get a decent cup of coffee from a vending machine;  how can anyone expect us to buy medication from one?

I’m all for progress, but some things just should not be done by machines!  I like the personal touch of having a real, live, highly educated person dispense the drugs that my highly educated doctor thinks I need after he or she examines me personally. Sometimes too personally… like when they look at parts of my body I haven’t ever seen.

Like my eardrum.   What were you thinking?

I like to see my pharmacist’s credentials on the wall just the same as I like to see my doctor’s credentials in the exam room at the clinic.

I simply do not want to read a little metal placard that tells me where and when my pharmacist was manufactured and by whom.

  1. Where on earth did you see that? I hate that I have to get my drugs from a mail order company but I can at least hope that a real druggist is dispensing them. I would not like to have to depend on a machine to give me the right meds!

  2. Greg Frosig permalink


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    • Susan Smith permalink

      So when we have a question about the prescription we as the machine that too? I agree with you!

  3. Here’s hoping they never replace ER docs with a vending machine! Then we’re in REAL TROUBLE!

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