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December 7, 2014

We climbed into the car after leaving our Western-themed Christmas party, buckled up and skillfully executed a perfect U-turn before making a left onto Main Street and heading home.

Three blocks later, Jim abruptly pulled to the right and eased the car to a stop to allow the squad car behind us ample room to pass as it responded to the emergency it was surely called to… a car accident maybe, or a robbery. Could be a domestic abuse call or possibly a fire.

I said a quick prayer for all those involved, including the cop.

We expected the shriek of a siren followed by flashing lights from an ambulance or fire truck as it roared past while we sat on the side of the street beneath the ‘No Parking’ sign.

The cop, however, had other ideas. He neglected to pass, even though we’d left him space aplenty.

Seconds dragged onward.


The blue and red lights atop the squad car reflected from one side mirror of our little Prius to the other, then bounced menacingly off the rear view mirror and into our eyes as the city cop came to a halt directly behind us.

We sat in the front seat, wearing our coordinating cowboy outfits, as we nervously waited to be informed of our crime.

“What did you do?” I asked my beloved.

“Nothing!” Jim grumbled as he unbuckled his seatbelt.

“Leave that ON! You don’t want to get a ticket for not wearing your seatbelt TOO, do you?”

Even in the dim light cast by the streetlight, I could see that little muscle in the side of Jim’s jaw begin to twitch like it does when he’s angry.

Sometimes, when I’m feeling nervous or stressed, I seem to lose the ability to filter my speech. My words just seem to flow with abandon…

Jim sputtered, “I have to get my driver’s license out… HE’S going to want to see IT, for sure!”

“How fast were you going?” I asked, perhaps with a tinge of accusation in my voice.

“I. WASN’T. Speeding.”

“Did you run a red light?” I inquired in what I hoped was my best problem-solving tone.


I was beginning to entertain the notion of keeping my mouth shut when the man in blue appeared outside Jim’s door and shone his standard issue police flashlight inside our car.

First, he swept the beam across our laps, then with a flick of his wrist, he shifted the light behind us and quickly scanned the back seat.

The officer explained, quite politely, that he pulled us over because our passenger side taillight was out. “But your brake lights and blinker are working properly,” he said encouragingly. “And, would you happen to have your 2014 tabs with you?”

Jim cringed as I opened my mouth to speak…

“I think they’re due in March, and I’m sure we put them on…” I said confidently.

“Let me check again,” the officer replied. He returned shortly and confirmed that our plates were current, but that the current tab was partially obscured by the license plate bracket.


Then he asked to see the aforementioned driver’s license, explaining that he had to ‘run the license’ before he could cut us loose..

Once he was out of earshot we glanced at each other saying, “Wow! It’s a darn good thing we don’t drink!”

Jim’s license came back ‘clean’ and we were permitted to go on our merry way after promising to drive carefully and get the taillight fixed ASAP.

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    Oh Nooo! You didn’t tell me about that part of the evening! The sad thing is, as you were leaving the parsonage, going out the drive, I noticed that your taillight was out! I was thinking of calling you, but then thought, “What could they do about it at this hour…” Sorry about that! I assume that’s another thing that got fixed at Sears??

    Off to bed now!

  2. Yup, the cop provided all the motivation we needed to repair the taillight TODAY! And no harm done, so stop worrying.

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