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Body of Evidence

June 10, 2014

I found a dead body today.  

I walked in the front door, arms laden with supplies for the Bible Study I’d volunteered to host. I carefully descended the stairs and unburdened myself at the serving counter. Then I went back to the car for the rest.  

Still, I noticed nothing wrong.

Tables needed to be rearranged to accommodate an unknown number of guests.

I went about my task, dragging one long table back to where it belonged, then returned to the meeting room and gathered plates and napkins, cups and glasses, and began to set the table for eight, hoping that would be enough.  

I thought I heard a noise and looked up, toward the stairs.

I froze.  

My right hand flew to my mouth, stifling an involuntary scream.  The body was sprawled just to the left of the stairs, near the supply of folding chairs. Its eyes were open wide and its legs were stretched straight out behind, as if it lunged forward just as it took its last breath.

A tirade of terrible words assaulted my ears…  apparently issued forth by me, for I was the only one there alive.  Those words are not a part of my normal vocabulary.  I don’t recollect taking anyone’s name in vain… except maybe the deceased.

I approached cautiously, armed with a broom should self defense or evasive measures become necessary.

I stretched out my arm, holding the broom handle with my fingertips, and poked its rump with the bristles.  It didn’t move.  Relief flooded through me.

I clapped the bristles firmly over the body and swept it into the dustpan, holding it securely in place while quickly walking to the back door, pivoting, and backing up against the push bar, opening the door without using my hands.  

The door clicked shut as I strode down the sidewalk.  I realized that I had not unlocked it… I would most likely have to hike up the hill, through scads of allergy-inducing dandelion seed heads and clouds of pine pollen, circle the building and enter once again through the front door.

Oh well.  It couldn’t be helped.  I’d taken my antihistamines, so it wouldn’t be too bad, I hoped.

I flung the body of the mouse beneath the pine trees at the edge of the church yard, breathed a sigh of relief, and hurried back inside with a twofold purpose;  to minimize my exposure to the pollen, and to finish setting up for the Study before the others arrived.

I shudder to think of what might have happened had I stepped on the carcass with my arms loaded with muffins, cheese, crackers and a large bowl of fruit salad!

  1. Susan Smith permalink

    You have more experiences with my mice than most! lol

  2. True, unfortunately.

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