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Food for Thought

May 8, 2014

I’d never seen this guy before today.  I might have been nervous had I not been in a public place in broad daylight, surrounded by dozens of people, including my own personal knight in shining armor… um… I mean… camouflage.  My husband Jim.   He’s really a marshmallow, but he can be intimidating if he chooses.  

A few minutes earlier, this unknown man stood patiently behind me, waiting, as I filled my first plate. He wasn’t doing anything wrong… he was just… there.  Watching me.  

I wandered through the buffet, checking out the fare, before returning to our booth.  Jim and I chatted as we ate, talking about everyday things… errands we needed to run:  a stop at the pharmacy, haircuts, groceries we were running low on.  I didn’t mention this stranger, choosing to shrug it off instead.  After all, he hadn’t actually done anything.

I polished off my salad.  Jim was still working on his plate.  I walked up for round two, grabbing a plate as I rounded the first steam table, heading straight for the chicken (baked, not fried: white meat, never dark).  Then I piled on the broccoli & carrots and added a few roasted string beans.  One potato wedge joined the party.  I went back to the salad bar for a couple of pickled beets.  

That’s when I saw him again.  And clearly, he was heading straight for me…  

I tried not to notice.

He wore a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and a leather biker jacket, also black.  His hair was silver and his beard was neatly trimmed.    He walked toward me with purpose, making his way through the crowd, paying no attention to the food.  I watched with trepidation…

As he got close, he glanced down at my plate.  “Wow,  that’s some healthy food!”

“I try,”  I replied, more than a little surprised.

“I can’t resist the sauerkraut,”  he added with a chuckle.  “Must be my German heritage.”

Two thoughts occurred to me.. the first was surprise at his comment.  I’m not sure what I expected him to say, but a compliment on my food choices wasn’t it!  The second was “They’ve got sauerkraut?  Where?”

  1. permalink

    Other than the oriental places, I didn’t know there were any buffets around here…. If you don’t mind my asking: Where was this? and How was the sauerkraut??! Don

  2. Thanks for reading, Don. We were at the Old Country Buffet at the Mall in Duluth and the sauerkraut had a mild flavor, not overpowering. It was cooked with polish sausage and was not overly greasy. I’d go back for more.

  3. Susan Smith permalink

    Very cute! So just how much of that sauerkraut did you eat??? 😉

  4. Just one small helping…

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