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That Time of Year

February 1, 2014

In a mere two hours, January 2014 will be in the history books. I know I am not alone when I say “Good riddance! Take all things ’Polar’ with you! Just. Go. AWAY!“

Ground Hog Day is but two days off, and we will soon learn Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction for Spring. I look forward to seeing his pudgy brown body and squinty little black eyes once again. I know he will make the national news, just like always. I hope he remembers to wear his top hat…

Now, I know there’s something else on the agenda… but what? Am I having a senior moment? Is this yet another symptom of menopause?

“Think!” I tell myself. “Think!”

“I’ve got it!” I exclaim.

My husband who is peacefully sitting in his recliner jumps a little. He puts down his newspaper, “Got what?” He asks in a chilly tone of voice.

“Cookies… I have to bake cookies!”

He looks confused and maybe a bit irritated. “Cookies?”

“Yeah, cookies. For the Super Bowl!”

He rolled his eyes before turning his attention back to more important things.

We’ve chosen not to host our big Super Bowl bash this year; I just don’t have the energy and don’t think I’d handle the raucous atmosphere very well so we’re taking a year off… scaling back and having a very small gathering instead… with just three guests.

I baked my cut-out cookies: jerseys, helmets and footballs, then googled the Broncos and Seahawks. Being the Foodie in the house, it’s just not the Super Bowl without my cookies decorated in team colors!


Jim is the resident football fan here.

That said, I always pick a team to root for. This year, I gave it considerable thought and finally chose the Seahawks; not because I think they’re a better team, I don’t have a clue about that…

I like their team colors better than the Bronco’s.  I’m an artist, so color is pretty important to me…

Jim will appreciate my cookies on game day.  Heidi was curious about them today… she’s a Foodie like me.  She jumped up on the back of Jim’s recliner to get a look at the cookies on the counter… 


Man, I love that dog! If only she could talk…

On second thought, that might not be such a good idea… she might give away all my secrets for a little ‘canine currency,’ aka food.

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