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The Maid

November 29, 2013

Jim and I were invited to celebrate Thanksgiving at the home of our friends, Emma and Ralph. We joined their small family for the holiday… there were eight of us: Emma, Ralph, Gary, grandson Jeremy, and Jeremy’s two children, Meg and Nelson.

Meg, Emma‘s seven year old great granddaughter, wrapped a blue fleece blanket around her shoulders and walked through the house, robes trailing in her wake.

“Are you a princess?” I asked.

Her brown eyes lit up and she flashed her gap-toothed grin. “Yes! I am Princess Meg!”

The little girl stood tall, and processed into the kitchen, circled the island and returned the living room. “I need a maid,’ she stated seriously. “Every princess must have a maid…”

In the living room, Emma, Jim and I chatted as Meg paced the room, pausing before each of us, eyeing us up and down, carefully considering our attributes before she making her selection.

Jimbo threw me a questioning glance as the child paused a second time in front of him. She lowered her chin a fraction and brought one finger to her lips, her brow knit in concentration. “You…I pick you! You are my maid.”

Jim gulped. “Me?” He stuttered. “Why me?”

“Because YOU will make a very good maid! I will pay you fifty dollars.”

“Fifty dollars?” He asked.

“Okay… one thousand dollars,” Meg replied in a matter of fact tone.

“A thousand dollars?”

“Two thousand!” She declared.

“A thousand dollars is a lot of money… what would I have to do?” Jim inquired.

“You would have to carry my dress… keep it from dragging on the floor.”

Meg handed over the imaginary money and ordered her new maid into service.

Soon, she was strolling through the house, followed closely by Maid Jimbo… who, despite his six foot three inch frame, did his best to prance daintily behind Princess Meg.

While Emma and I were being entertained by Princess Meg and Maid Jimbo, Jeremy was busy in the kitchen, creating our Thanksgiving dinner. We were treated to good company and a wonderful array of food: spiral-cut honeyed ham, twice-baked potatoes, dressing, sweet potatoes, asparagus, and more. Everything was perfectly seasoned and absolutely delicious.

  1. You should have a picture of Maid Jimbo!

  2. The photo would have been blurry… I couldn’t control my laughter!

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