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November 28, 2013

Holding my first book in my hands was a surreal experience… humbling and exhilarating at the same time.

It’s totally different from seeing my prose on paper or having my words stare back at me from my computer screen. Different, too, than writing a blog, even a blog that’s read in faraway places like the Russian Federation, Australia, Finland, Poland, and even India.

The name of my book is Of Mice and Menopause. Same as my blog. It’s a collection of short stories that focus on finding humor and gratitude in everyday situations.  The book contains fifty short stories, mostly light-hearted ones, because I believe that people who can laugh, especially at themselves, and find something to be grateful for every day become better people, certainly more likable.  

I worked the stories and reworked them. My best friend from high school, Jan, edited Of Mice and Menopause for me. She made valuable suggestions and helped me with the process. Another friend, an English teacher named Diane, advised me to read my manuscript both forwards and backwards, sentence by sentence, to regain perspective and therefore find and correct errors.

Rondi, a friend from my pool class was very supportive, as were several of my crafting friends, my pastor, and others.  

A good friend, Susan D. Smith, author of three books on local history; The Way I Remember it, Life’s Journey: The Way They Remember it, The Way We Remember it and one book on the devastating flood that hit our area in 2012;  The June Monsoon of 2012, encouraged me, gave me several tips, and nudged me along the path toward publication.

I designed the cover and sent it off to the publisher. It was formatted and sent back for review. Small changes were made, and finally it was printed.


UPS delivered it a couple of days ago… my hands shook as I opened the box. My heart rate sped up a little.  I held it in my hands, turned it over and back, inspected it closely, flipped through the pages… and finally began to read.

My husband has supported me throughout the entire process. He talked about it before, but since it’s been published, he tells everyone he meets that I’ve written a book… and I mean everyone: friends, acquaintances, his doctor, the check-out clerk at the grocery store and more.

Today, he had his left shoulder manipulated at the hospital while he was under anesthesia, and he plugged my book to the operating room staff and each of the nurses in the day surgery department.

I’ve finished reading it now, and I still like it… it was fun to write, and I may decide to write another.  It is available through my publisher; It’s also on Amazon, and the Barnes & Noble websites, both as an ebook and a paperback.

I hope my readers like it, too.

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