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Attention to Detail

August 24, 2013

As many of you know, I’ve got an incredibly smart dog…a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Heidi.  For those of you who are sick to death of reading about my dogs, I understand.  For those who choose to read on and humor me, thank you.


Jim is one of those people who’d like a television in every room…and our bedroom is no exception.  We had an old TV in of those that was made before flat screens became the rage.  I thought it was an eyesore, so when his TV in the garage bit the dust, I suggested he move the one from the bedroom out there, and put the small flat screen in the bedroom.


He jumped at the idea.  Once again, he would be able to watch the hunting channel while he was tinkering in the garage.  He only had one problem…his shoulder wasn’t completely healed…he was only ten weeks out from surgery, and the doc said complete healing would take three to six months.   


He considered his options…move the TV and risk another shoulder injury, which could necessitate a bigger, badder operation…shoulder replacement, and, worse yet,  put the kibosh on deer hunting in November.  Or, he could wait a couple of weeks.


He made his decision.  The next day, he tweaked the antenna and made sure it was ready to go.  Then, while I was busy in my sewing room, he carried that big old TV out of the bedroom, down the stairs, out the door, across the yard and into the garage.  


After his mission was complete, he told me what he’d done.  When I finished reading him the riot act, he told me that it ‘really wasn’t that bad.’ I know him…he wouldn’t admit that it hurt unless his arm was laying on the floor beside him and he had nothing left but a bloody stump.


The sleek little flat screen was sitting on the dresser right in the center of the dust-free zone previously occupied by the behemoth.  I had to admit that it looked good, and would look even better after I dusted and vacuumed.


Jim hasn’t been able to sleep in the bed since his surgery.  He sleeps in his recliner or on the couch.  So I get to sprawl out on our queen-sized Beauty Rest all by myself.  Just me and Heidi…she spends the night curled up on Jim’s pillow.


It was time for bed.  Jim laid down on the couch and Heidi and I headed upstairs.  She jumped up on the bed and spun in a circle for her bedtime treat.  After she gobbled the kibble, something caught her eye…


She stood on her hind legs and walked upright to the corner of the bed.  Then she glanced at me and back at the new TV and if she could speak, I think she would had asked ‘Is that a new flat screen, Mom?’


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