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Take Them Out at the Ball Game

August 18, 2013

‘Isn’t that funny?! Madeline chortled. ‘Can you believe it?’

‘And, when I was on my retreat, my daughter called my cell phone…I promised her I’d take that darn thing with me…otherwise it just sits on the table. I never take it with me anywhere!’

Six or seven other women were gathered around Madeline, all warming up for water aerobics class by jogging in place. They were eagerly waiting for her to continue her tale.

‘Welllll…’ She continued. ’Just wait ’til you hear this…’

I’d waded into the pool with Madeline in the middle of her story. Since I hadn’t heard any of the crucial points, I decided to go work on my abs…that way, I could hear the story in its entirety later.

Madeline is one of the oldest ladies in class…and a very active, vibrant senior citizen. A retired registered nurse. She will turn eighty three next week, while she’s away on her mystery bus tour.

Several of us in class have considered going on one of those mystery tours together…the tour company tells you what you need to bring along, and all your meals & hotels are included in the price. Madeline has gone on several of them…and she’s loved every one. This one is a five day tour, and she told us that they tell the tourists what their destination is on each day of the trip. We can’t wait to hear the details of this one!

I caught up with her after class…

‘Madeline! I overheard you telling a story, but I missed the details…would you mind repeating it?’

She laughed. ‘Sure, Kate…no problem. Well…you know I went to St. Paul to visit my daughter last week, right?’

I nodded.

‘We went to the Twins’ game.’

Madeline proceeded to tell me what happened while she and her daughter, Gwen, were at the game.   They were walking in the aisle when she began to feel like she was going to gag.

‘I get that feeling once in a while, you know.’

She continued with her story…

As she usually did in that situation, she removed her dentures and put them in her pocket. After the feeling passed, she and Gwen decided to get some ice cream, so Madeline reached into her pocket for her teeth; her upper plate and a bottom partial.

Only her top teeth were there. The lowers were missing!

They looked around a bit, but were unable to find her wayward teeth. She must have dropped them. She estimated the loss at about a thousand dollars.  ‘Well, I’ve got the money, but I’d rather spend it on almost anything else!’ She exclaimed.

She and Gwen talked to the stadium manager who laughed right along with them, saying that he’d held that position for a couple of decades, but in all those years, he’d never been faced with a situation like theirs.

They left without much hope of her partial ever being recovered.  

Madeline’s visit to Gwen’s soon came to an end and she returned home and prepared to go on a retreat with her retired friends.

She was on that retreat when Gwen called her cell with news of her missing choppers.

‘Mom…the stadium manager called.’


‘Somebody FOUND your TEETH!’

Madeline was surprised. ‘REALLY?  Where?’

Gwen explained that a good Samaritan found them and contacted the manager who popped them in the mail and sent them back to their rightful owner.

‘Isn’t that funny?’ She laughed. ‘It cost them $1.26 to send them back to me. Wasn’t that Minnesota nice?’


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  1. Greg Frosig permalink

    What a special tribute to our friend, Madeline!!

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