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Coffee Time

January 23, 2013

The water was nice…warm and clear. Several of us were visiting before our water aerobics class started when a new person walked in.  Hmmm…probably someone from community ed. Generally speaking, they didn’t last very long…they came to three or four classes and then we never saw them again. But either way, we’d give this gal a chance…you never know.

She and I hit it off from right from the start. We chatted all through class. Three days a week. And, yes, we were exercising…it’s a wonder we could understand each other at all, given all the huffing and puffing going on. Exercise is supposed to do that to a body. If it doesn’t, I think you’re probably doing it wrong.

She taught school for thirty four years…mostly high school English, with some junior high. After retiring a year and a half ago, she quickly became a regular in the pool…getting along well with everyone.

And she’s dependable. Shows up every day, unless she’s jetted off to Florida to visit her parents, or driven to Michigan to see her kids and grandkids. Sometimes, she just needs to escape our cold Minnesota winters. Can’t blame her there! At any rate, she always let us know if she’s going AWOL.

Last year, she was gone one hundred and fifty days. Forty-one percent of the year. Some of us wondered how long had she been planning her retirement. It came so naturally to her. She slid right in to the lifestyle like she’d been doing it all her life. It’s not that easy for most of us…or maybe she just makes it look easy.

During class, we talk about our careers; mine in nursing; and hers in teaching. Marriage, kids, grandkids, and pets are frequent topics of conversation. We know the names and breeds of each other’s dogs, for Pete’s sake! Husband’s, kid’s, and grandkid’s names, too. Sometimes, grandkids ages. Husband’s occupations. And hobbies and food. We talk about those a lot. Especially food…usually within the first fifteen minutes of class.

We get to know quite a bit about each other…where we were born, where we went to school, how many siblings we had, where we stand in the birth order, that kind of thing.

We are discovering just how much we have in common; hobbies and such. So, one day, we decided to go for coffee after class. There was just one thing I wondered about…so I approached the instructor with my problem.



‘You know the gal in the black suit that stands over there? The retired teacher?’


‘What’s her name?’


  1. Ha ha ha, Oh Karen that is so funny!!! All this time and you didn’t know her name. Did you confess that minor blurp to her at coffee? Did she know your name? thanks for the laugh…i need all i can get nowadays.

  2. Yup, I told her…but I think I waited until I got to know her better. As retired teacher, she’s pretty good at remembering names, including mine. We laugh about it now.

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