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Breaking Silence

December 30, 2012

My husband went to bed early that night. He was feeling under the weather, the latest victim of the common cold. This was only day two, and he was feeling really rotten. He had all the usual symptoms…congestion, runny nose, low grade fever, headache, and runny eyes. The works.

So he was forced to lay low all day. Even those multi-symptom cold remedies didn’t help much. But he took them anyway; it was the only thing he had in his arsenal. And he had the night-time version ready for later. Sleep was what he really needed. That and plenty of fluids. Maybe even chicken soup. But he doesn’t like soup, so that was out of the question.

Jim was sound asleep by the time the dog and I went to bed. Heidi, a curious little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix, liked nothing better than to curl up between Jim and I at night and go to sleep. Nice and warm and peaceful. Cozy.

As I lay there reading, Jimbo rolled on to his back. And did something he rarely does…he began to snore. Loud. Very loud.

And Heidi noticed. Her little head popped up like a periscope and rotated in much the same manner…slow and purposeful, with an economy of movement. Heidi was in stealth-mode. Soon, she honed in on the source of the sound; her ’daddy.’ She cocked her head first to one side and then the other, trying to puzzle out this strange new phenomenon.

A dog of action, that‘s our girl. Like most canines, except the deaf and infirm of the species, Heidi investigates unfamiliar sights and sounds.. Especially if she thinks they‘re coming from her people.

And she is persistent. We might have named her Sherlock for that quality of hers.

So, once she’d decided that ‘daddy’ was making the odd noise, she was compelled into action. With the lithe movement only seen in the animal kingdom, she effortlessly leapt from her nest, landing squarely on Jim’s chest, simultaneously licking his face with great vigor. Great vigor indeed.

Jim, having been unwittingly assaulted while asleep, didn’t know what hit him. He began flailing his arms, spitting and sputtering under the twelve pound pup, tossing his head violently from side to side.

Finally, after Heidi was convinced that she had subdued the offending noise, Jim dared open his eyes.

The threat of injury had passed, and he knew his assailant.

She sat on his chest with a look that said she had defended and conquered. And was very proud to have served her masters so  well.

Me, you ask, why didn‘t I help the poor man? I was too busy laughing, of course!



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  1. Diane Hyland permalink

    Love it! 🐶

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