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The Empress’ New Suit

August 10, 2012

It’s ordered. Supposed to arrive via USPS by the 10th. Today. But the mail’s come and gone. No new suit. Bummer! Now I have to wait until tomorrow. Waiting isn’t something I do well.

With the chlorine being so hard on my swimsuits, I have to replace them often…like 4-5 times each year. Now I’m all for new clothes, but that gets pricey. Unless you run across a deal like I did a few months ago.

A friend gave me three brand new Speedo suits. She was cleaning out and donated a few bins of clothes to my church for our annual 25 cent sale. Knowing I attend a water aerobics class, she saved the suits for me, and lucky for me, they fit. But, like I said, they don’t last long unless they’re chlorine-proof.

Still, I got a really good deal…3 new suits for under a buck. Can’t beat that!  When the first one started to fade, one gal in my class actually told me she was glad to see it fade! And the class applauded. Great sense of humor, girls.

Most swimsuits are chlorine-resistant. And that’s fine if you only use them occasionally. But when you’re in the pool 5-6 hours per week, they deteriorate pretty quickly. The color starts to fade in just a couple of weeks. And it’s all downhill from there. Pretty soon, they stretch out. Not a good look for me! I used to be heavier, so my skin is already a size or two too big and my Vitamin F jiggles, so I need all the help I can get. I’m used to the look. I’d just rather not show it off.

Even the cheap suits ($15) at WalMart are pricey when you have to buy a new one every few months. Some of my classmates have gone online and purchased more costly chlorine-proof suits. They even gave me the website. One lady has worn her’s for about 2 years. Two whole years. From one suit.

I can do the math…WalMart suits: $60 – $120 per year. ‘Pricier’ chlorine proof suits: $50 on sale and they last over two years. I knew what I needed to do.

So when I got home I hopped on the web . I found nice suits. Really nice suits. And I’ve seen them in person…four women in my class have them. Each has a different style, so I’m know what they’re like. I didn’t need to check the reviews online…my friends told me how they liked their new suits.

Three have the new ‘crinkle’ suits and like them. I like them, too; they’re stylish, and one gal said they hide a multitude of flaws. Sounds good; I happen to have a multitude of flaws. Perfect.

But I didn’t see a suit that will come down to my ankles. My arms aren’t too bad, especially since I’ve been working out in the pool. My legs, however are another matter entirely. They’re white with varicose veins and have lots of those little blue and red spider veins. They remind me of an aerial roadmap of the desert. The red veins mark the US highways while the blue ones indicate State roads. At least on my legs. And then, there’s my lovely cankles…I’m not even going there! Either way, they’re all mine.

Moving on…which back style should I choose? Racer back, ‘normal’ back, V-back, etc. It doesn’t really matter to me, so on to color.

Now, which shall I choose? Hmmm…Alice has navy, Joyce, purple (or eggplant, according to the website), Diane, a medium blue, and Paula has teal (storm, on the web). I like variety, so I want to a color no one else has.

Hmm…definitely not the warm colors: yellows and oranges are definitely not my colors. They make me look sick. My skin is Scandinavian pale, and I have hazel eyes. So I don’t want anything too light; light colors wash me out. Greens and browns are friendly colors for me. Brown isn‘t a color choice, so I choose green. Green is a good color for me, as long as it‘s not too yellowy.

I’m really looking forward to receiving my new suit. It’s a darker shade of green, so it should be a good color for me (I hope), and it’s a crinkle suit, so the texture should match my skin nicely.


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  1. I have actually seen swim wear that does come down to the ankles. It’s like a wet suit but for swimming. I would spend the money on it if I were to do any kind of swimming cause I would never subject anyone to my legs….it’s bad enough that I subject the world to my bat-wing arms but my hot flashes over-rule my embarrassment over my arms!

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