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The Counterpoint

August 7, 2012

It was Super Bowl Monday…the day after the big game. We hadn’t put the house to rights yet after our party, but that would happen in due time. Tuesday was soon enough for us. After cooking, rearranging furniture, planning games for the non-football fans, putting together prizes for those games, shopping, setting up the buffet, etc.  We were tired.

Usually, we lay pretty low on Super Bowl Monday. We’ve picked up the paper plates, cups, napkins and the like, so it’s not too bad. And our guests are quite considerate; they don’t leave much laying around.

The odd furniture arrangement remains. Folding chairs need to be stowed. Vacuuming and floor cleaning need to be done. The bathrooms need cleaning; stuff like that. The usual post-party stuff. Some large dishes are waiting to be washed. But they’ll be there tomorrow. If they can wait, so can we.

The ‘stadium’ arrangement of furniture is still in the living room. The TV in the center of the far wall, with folding chairs lined up on the side walls at just the right angle to watch the game and not obscure anyone else‘s view. Our couch anchors the arrangement, being set across the near end of the room, up against the left wall, leaving space to walk on the right. That arrangement works for the party, but not much else. And it looks ridiculous.

What makes it look really odd is the fact that the couch sits parallel to the kitchen bar, with just enough room in between for the bar stools. Not quite enough for an average sized adult to actually sit on the stools, but the kids can manage okay. I guess it measures about a two foot space separating the two.

Now on this Monday, my hubby, Jim is sitting on the couch watching the news with Heidi, our 8 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix laying on the back of the couch near his neck. She likes to rest her head on his shoulder and this is no exception.

Heidi is a very clever dog, and if she wants something badly enough, she will find a way to get it. Same deal if she’s curious. And they say curiosity killed the cat. She is definitely a dog, but believe me, the saying fits.

Back to the story…Jim and Heidi were on the couch when I went into the other room for a minute. I returned and saw Heidi on the counter, clear across the kitchen, next to the stove eating the butter. Luckily, I didn’t have anything cooking at the time. She might have singed her big floppy oh-so-cute ears or maybe her way-too-curious nose.

Not wanting to scare her and risk her jumping down to the floor and getting hurt, I quietly snuck up on her (she was pretty focused on the butter) and pinned her to the counter until I could grab her with both hands and put her on the floor. She knew she was in trouble. What she didn’t know was that Jim was in far deeper than she.

Hearing the commotion, Jim unglued himself from the tube, and turned around to see what was going on.

‘Didn’t you see her jump up here?’ I asked.

‘No, what’d she do?’

I thought to myself ‘Really? Are you really that oblivious?  But, I needed his help to move furniture, so, difficult as it was, I kept my mouth shut, as least as far as he was concerned.

I didn’t say ‘You were sitting right there…you tell me!’ Although the thought did cross my mind. And it was very tempting. But I held strong. I was proud.

Then, he grumbled about having to move the furniture and I let him have it…’It needs to be moved NOW! Or didn’t you notice the dog on the counter eating the butter! ‘Don’t you don’t think she’ll try it again? After all, she did find food.’

He bumbled around for a bit before admitting that he didn’t know what she was doing, at which point I may have taken aim and scored a sarcastic comment or two. Something like ’Where did you think she was going when she leaped up off the back of the couch and over the bar stools? Canine Olympics?‘ ‘Are you really that oblivious?’

I have to admit I have a talent for sarcasm…especially where he‘s concerned. Not sure if it’s God-given, but it’s there nonetheless. Just ask Jim.

  1. Isn’t sarcasm a fruit of the spirit?

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